Class 13 Expert

Racing: 8 yrs
Home town: Hamilton, NJ
Home Track: 
ABA - Bensalem BMX
NBL - Central Jersey BMX
Factory Redline
Class: 13 Expert

Bike: Redline Expert; Redline Cruiser

Favorite Tracks: South Park, Flemington BMX, Tri City BMX, Kingston Point BMX, Mullica Hill, Central Jersey BMX, Egg harbor BMX,

Sponsored by Redline
Cosponsored by Kovachi Wheels, Nintendo Power, Lizard Skins, Sports Link, Tioga, Pro Max, Alex Rims, Economy Bike Shop, Koolstop
Goals: To do the best I can at every race, and to someday turn Pro and to Have Fun!

2002 Ranking
NBL#1 Cruiser
NBL# 5 Class

2001 Ranking:
UCI World #4 (class)
ABA World #4 (class)
ABA World #6 (cruiser)

2000 Ranking:
NBL: National #3 (class)
National #1 (cruiser)
ABA: NAG #3 (class)
NAG #2 (cruiser)

1999 Ranking:
NBL: National #4 (class)
National #2 (cruiser)
US Open #1 (class)
US Open #1 (cruiser)


NBL Cruiser #1
ABA Gold Cup Champ Class & Cruiser

ABA State Champ Class & Cruiser
ABA Gold Cup Champ

NBL Grand Nationals Main Event Winner - 10 cruiser
ABA Gold Cup Champion (class and open)
ABA State Champion (class and cruiser)
NBL State Champion (class and cruiser)
ABA District #1 (cruiser)

NBL Grands Main Event Winner 9 & under cruiser
ABA State Champion (class and cruiser)
ABA District #1 (class)
NBL NJ State Champion (Class and Cruiser)

ABA District #1 (class)
NBL Grands Main Event Winner 7 & under open
ABA District #1 (class)
ABA Gold Cup #1
ABA NJ State Champion

ABA Gold Cup #1
NBL NJ State Champion

ABA NJ State Champion

Has achieved over 100 national main event wins.

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1998 NBL Christmas Classic

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Other interests and achievements: Honor Roll student, Basketball (point guard), Football, reading, math, playing Play Station.

I was featured in BMX Today in an article "Riders on the Rise". I was interviewed by Paul Higgins which aired on ESPN2 from the 1996 Gator National in Orlando, Florida. I was also featured in a televised interview on WZBN's "Weekend Sports Update".


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